Transformers Generation 1 Custom “Blackcat”

As a cassette hoarder, I am ALWAYS looking for some new, strange, or wacky variant I haven't seen before. A dangerous path, and quite costly, I can't say I recommend it. However, one of the advantages of hunting for that next oddball acquisition is the ability to not only see some of the strangest versions of toys you would never even think to look for - but you also find yourself wandering into the world of custom creations.

As hard as it is to obtain only official, Generation 1 cassettes, custom versions have started becoming a hotter commodity in the last few years. My personal favorites have always been designed by Custranz, and there have been other respected professionals doing their own takes on the cassette mold and auctioning them off. Makes for an extremely stressful situation as a Completionist, as most customizers do VERY limited amounts of any of their work, which means you either bid high, or never complete your collection...

So, before I break down and turn this into an "I love cassettes but they ruined my life" article, I wanted to show off a custom painted and stickered cassette, using the mold style of Generation 1 Ravage. You see, I want you to share my pain. Do I have one? No. But you don't, either. Is it for sale? Nope. So, we're on par in the "need this!" department, which is the crappiest corner of collecting, and misery loves company. Welcome!

This creation is from the mind and hands of another cassette fan, who also happens to be quite encyclopedic in his knowledge of left-out, obscure, or usually unknown characters and storylines. So, check out the explanation and pictures of this great custom!

BlackcatThis is the ironically named 'Blackcat'; a non-canonical G1 character who's only appearance is in the German language 'Transformers Comic-Magazine #18", published by Condor Verlag in December 1991. He's briefly described as an Autobot on night duty in the Ark who, bored, creates a computer puzzle for the magazine's readers to solve. The puzzle features a red and yellow truck attacking a strangely colored Blurr. A single image of Blackcat appears alongside the puzzle showing him to be a green-colored Ravage.

I made this figure to match the character's appearance and scant background information. To that end, I took a green knock-off of a G1 Ravage and added custom labels to give it a more authentic appearance. I also created a miniature Rubik's Cube prop to reflect Blackcat's love of puzzles.

- Dracomancer

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    1. SO sorry for the late reply! Dracomancer custom-made the stickers himself, not sure what specific materials were used. Try him on tfw2005 and maybe he can answer!


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