The Nerd Cave Reconfiguration: Framed Comic Book Art

With The Nerd Cave pretty much done, it still lacked a certain something. Some of you may remember Tony Glasses from some of the other projects I've been a part of over the years; most of you probably won't, but I want to give credit where credit is due.

One of the things that Mr. Glasses is known for is thinking outside of the box, and upon a recent visit to his place he 090_2-1555_largedidn't fail to impress me. Tony is a huge Marvel fan, and as a way to showcase his love for his favorite super heroes he had taken a few of his favorite comic books, framed them, and hung them on his wall. A pretty simple idea, and I'm sure a lot of "Comic Book Guys" have done this before. While I grew up reading comics as a kid, they're not really my particular flavor of geek as an adult; so this was a totally revolutionary idea to me!

The problem was that I don't own a single comic book, and didn't want to spend hours down at the local comic book store going through comic books just to find a couple of comics with "pretty" covers that I wanted to frame. So my solution was pretty simple: download some high-resolution scans of covers featuring some of my favorite characters, print them out, then frame em, and hang em. has a pretty large gallery of Transformers comic book covers. So between them, and a couple of quick Google Image searches, I was set. From there k2-_1bf5ae77-2608-4dde-b57f-fa777ec1502f.v1all I had to do was pick up some 8.5"x11" photo paper, and a couple of frames to fit from Walmart (I shop there a lot; they're usually the only place open when I get off work). Additionally, if you have any .cbr/.cbz files, you can use images from them also. A .cbz file is really just a zip file with a bunch of numbered .jpg's in it, so all you would have to do is rename the extension to .zip (or .rar if it's a .cbr), unzip it, and pick your favorite images. There are various was to obtain digital copies of comics, both legal and illegal: I DO NOT support piracy so please buy your digital comics if you want them, don't be a total turd.

IMG_20150204_041914From there all I did was transfer the covers that I wanted to an SD card, and pop it into my printer. I selected the size of paper, chose to "fit the image to the page size", put them in the frame, and *BOOM* new wall art! It took me longer to find the images I wanted than it did to do the whole project.


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