The Corner Has Turned

As a follow-up to my post "Turning Another Corner" I thought I'd share my experieces in the whole process, and maybe hint at some of the payoffs from this round of collection purges.

It didn't take me long to make the decision to sell off my Masterpiece figures. I lamented a bit, thinking that I would regret getting rid of IMG_00000660them, but after thinking about the money that I was going to spend trying to keep up with the line, and deciding that I just didn't want the "pressure" of keeping up with so many high-dollar releases. I knew that the O.C.D. Monster would nag at me for not keeping up with the line, and if I wasn't going to keep pace with the rapid releases of these figures I didn't need the ones I did have sitting on a shelf reminding me that I still needed to get the newest releases. So once I came to the realization that I wasn't going to be buying any more new figures, it was pretty easy to let go of the ones I did have.

I consulted with a couple of other collectors to figure out what a fair IMG_00000653price would be to ask for them, and was more than pleasantly surprised with what they were going for. Most of these figures were purchased at retail, or acquired through trades, and their value had skyrocketed on the secondary market since then. With a full knowledge of what the most I could ask for them, and the least I should accept for them, they quickly went up in the "Buy/Sell/Trade" forums on TFW2005.

The response that I got on most of them was immediate. Almost all of the figures had sold within a few hours of being posted. I had been so inundated with inquires that I honestly had trouble keeping up; I hadn't IMG_00000664seen that much "action" since I sold off all my Classics figures. Maintaining an accurate list in my head was impossible, so I grabbed my trusty yellow legal pad, and started making notes as to whom was interested in what figures, who needed shipping quotes, and who had firmly committed to buying what. Even with an old-school "Dead Tree" list, it was still a total nightmare trying to keep things organized; I'm sure I missed a few inquiries, and for that I am truly sorry, but I did the best I could to be fair with everybody.

With a bulk of the stuff unloaded, I could really start to visualize the IMG_00000652potential payoff. As I've said before, whenever I do a large sell off of figures, I always try to use that money to purchase things that I wouldn't normally be able to afford. I had already set the goal of getting a Raiden figure, and that was fully achievable at this point. There has been a Diaclone Raiden gift-set on eBay for quite a while, the price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but not out of the question. As always, I love to feel like I'm getting a deal, even if it is on an absurdly priced toy... so I started shopping around.

I knew the going rate at "Auction" versus the average "Buy It Now" were vastly different, and I figured that with enough effort I could broker a deal to save a bit of money. There are a couple well-known collectors IMG_00000632in the community that specialize in such rare items, so they were my first stop, but no luck there. I wasn't going to rush things, and just buy the first one that I came across, so I took my time and kept looking. It didn't take long to finally find the payoff. The one on eBay that I had been keeping on the "back burner" was in good condition, and complete... with the exception of three of the green connectors. The green connectors don't play a pivotal part of the transformation, or combination scheme, but the one I found was completely complete, and cost a good chunk less that my "backup plan".

I did a bit of research on the seller to make sure he was legit before I even got my hopes up. After hearing back from friends that had done previous transactions with him, he seemed to be on the up-and-up. He IMG_00000657also had another figure that I had been looking for for years. So I contacted him about the Raiden set, and the Diaclone Starscream that he had for sale, and was able to work out a deal that made me more than happy. In addition to funding two of my holiest of grails, I was also able to snag a black repaint of G1 Coundown that I didn't even know existed until I haphazardly stumbled across the listing.

So here I sit waiting on the most epic of hauls to arrive in the mail. Am I excited? YES! So much so, that I've been checking the tracking numbers on an almost hourly basis. Do I regret selling my MP's? Not one iota. Will I be posting pics, and writing about these guys once they arrive? You can count on it, so stay tuned!


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