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Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Metrotitan

Well I was supposed to be saving money for BotCon… the key phrase being “supposed to be”. There are a few figures that I am always on the look out for, and Metrotitan is right at the top of that list. Unfortunately complete Metrotitans are pretty close to being something of a “myth” in the United States; they do exist, but aside from that absurdly over-priced one that’s always on eBay, they very rarely come up for sale (unless I’m broke). I’ve wanted this figure…

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Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Black Zarak

We all know that when the original Transformers series ended here in the United States, Japan continued on with the Generation 1 continuity by releasing Victory, Zone, and Masterforce. These lines have spawned many of the most sought after figures in the collector community, including Raiden, Overlord, Dai Atlas, and Liokaiser. Along with a lot of original molds for these lines, they also included several repaints of existing figures, such as Twincast from Blaster, Soundblaster from Soundwave, and Grand Maximus from the Fort Max mold.…

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Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Galaxy Shuttle

Well to quickly follow-up my article about Thunder Dagwon, what would be better than taking a look at the original version of that figure with Galaxy Shuttle? Part of my Pre-BotCon Grail Haul, this is a figure that I honestly didn’t think I would ever own, and would have been happy with just having the Brave repaint, but the Plastique Gods have smiled on me, and have seen fit to place this guy in my collection. Released in 1989 as part of the Japanese Victory…

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Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Deathsaurus

Well this isn’t my first experience with this figure, in a sense. I’ve owned Red Geist, the repaint from the Brave line, for quite a while, but I’m proud to say that I finally own the actual Transformer figure now too. One of the figures that I was recently able to acquire though selling off my Seeker collection, this guy has been on my “wants list” for quite some time. Released in 1989 as part of the Japanese Victory portion of the Generation 1 toy…

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