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Transformers Roundtable 1

  As I’ve slowly crawled my way back onto social media, I’ve kept a pretty low profile. Currently only utilizing Instagram and Twitter (along with my tfw2005 account) I have kept it simple, and as “toys only” as possible. Between the politically-charged spurts, and mentions of real-life struggles and triumphs, it’s easy to become distanced from how I’ve gotten to know, or would get to know, many online collectors – and this is my answer for that. The Roundtable experiment begins, and it’s gotten an…

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Well, I certainly have waited long enough to dive back into this subject. Filled with the liveliest of flesh-coated, yet humanity-barren beings that await around every bend of the digital world and in every aisle filled with childhood characters ready for capitalist consumption. Toy collecting motherfuckers can shift from either side of the scale in a moment’s short lifespan, and I’m certainly no exception. So let’s break this down, and get to the most important motherfucker that matters in your collecting journey. You, motherfucker!! (Well,…

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Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Metrotitan

Well I was supposed to be saving money for BotCon… the key phrase being “supposed to be”. There are a few figures that I am always on the look out for, and Metrotitan is right at the top of that list. Unfortunately complete Metrotitans are pretty close to being something of a “myth” in the United States; they do exist, but aside from that absurdly over-priced one that’s always on eBay, they very rarely come up for sale (unless I’m broke). I’ve wanted this figure…

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Review: Custranz “Sunburst” Custom Transformers G1 Sticker Set

With constant updates for current releases by Toyhax.com and a new competitor in the sticker market showing up in the form of Ocean’s Designs – the seemingly lost army (is “army” too much?) of G1 cassette collectors can find new hope in the journey to advance their collection! Today, I’ll be showing off new stickers from Custranz that allow you to add an original new variant to your cassetticon squad. While essentially a perfect match for a white KO Laserbeak, these are designed to fit…

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