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Transformers Roundtable 1

  As I’ve slowly crawled my way back onto social media, I’ve kept a pretty low profile. Currently only utilizing Instagram and Twitter (along with my tfw2005 account) I have kept it simple, and as “toys only” as possible. Between the politically-charged spurts, and mentions of real-life struggles and triumphs, it’s easy to become distanced from how I’ve gotten to know, or would get to know, many online collectors – and this is my answer for that. The Roundtable experiment begins, and it’s gotten an…

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Megatoycast: EP 002 Transforming Politics With Brave

***Episode Title “Transforming Politics w/ Brave” Welcome our special guest Brave Toy Reviews for this episode, as we talk about: Perfect Effect Leonidas Masterpiece Transformers getting rebooted Hasbro UK Survey reactions Be sure to find us AND our friends online! MegaToyCast: https://twitter.com/megatoycast https://twitter.com/1stmegamus https://instagram.com/megatoycast https://www.facebook.com/ReeledRobot http://www.plastiquefreak.com Brave Toy Reviews: https://twitter.com/bravestoyreview https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYvPzlVQvfn1reXCs20CYKg SHATTERED CAST UNCUT: https://www.youtube.com/user/shatteredcastuncut https://twitter.com/Shatterdcast https://www.facebook.com/Shatteredcast?fref=ts (Oscar’s HILARIOUS videos) – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt0ihWeovPr10LWYVww664A REALM OF COLLECTORS – ENTER THE REALM: http://www.realmofcollectors.com https://twitter.com/Rolling_Steel http://twitter.com/dustmightz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvdfeHs-rd6Vk1XpSL_JDFA

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Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 76: All Hail Deluxe!

I kinda spaced on posting last weeks show, I blame it on being totally exhausted from BotCon, but here's this weeks show! I'm still seriously enjoying this podcast, and it kept me up on the long drive home from Not-Chicago after this year's BotCon... Now shut the fuck up chip! Continue reading “Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 76: All Hail Deluxe!” »

Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 74: Please Collect Respectively

Another week, another show! I don't collect anything these guys talk about, but I find the show really entertaining, and it's one of the few podcasts that has held my attention continuously for more than a week or two. This will probably turn into a weekly thing on the site; they've shown us a lot of love, and it's only appropriate that we do the same... enjoy!
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Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 73: That’s a Big Adam’s Apple

These guys have shown us a lot of love over the past few months, and I think it's about time we gave them a bit of lovin' too... not to mention I just now stumbled across the embed code for the show. Continue reading “Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 73: That’s a Big Adam’s Apple” »

From Around YouTube: Impossible Toys Tetra Squadron

This weeks featured video comes as a two-parter from Vangelus as he takes a look at Impossible Toys: Tetra Squadron. So far I've been able to resist the whole "Third Party Scene" when it comes to Transformers, but I have to admit I've been awfully tempted by this set, and being a "Seeker Collector" hasn't helped me resist these guys any... at all.

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From Around YouTube: iGear’s Shark Attack Squad

Just because I've had to limit the number of toy lines I collect, doesn't mean that I can't appreciate figures from the lines I've had to leave behind (or skip all together). So I thought I'd set aside a section to highlight some of my favorite videos from around the web to highlight some those figures that'll I'll just have to admire from afar. So without further adieu here's Optibotimus' video review of 's .

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