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Collector Tip: A Tactical Guide To Buying Online

As technology and social media keep expanding, this has become an incredible time to be a Transformers collector! No longer is going to a department store, online retailer, or just the big-name forums your only avenue to pursue and acquire. Collectors and dealers alike are using any and every possible way to make their available goods seen, and the chances of scoring just about anything you need are in favor of the seeker. However, like most things that relate to the general population when combined…

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From Hoarder to Hobbyist

So, you’re staring at your shelves of robotic amigos. Or maybe your neatly stacked rows of boxes containing your plastic (and if you’re lucky, die-cast) army. Whatever, this is all theoretical so just go with it. As your eyes gloss over a little and you inventory all of your amazing finds, maybe you want a little more out of this? I did, but I had no idea what I was going to do to alleviate the anxiety of amassing an army of awesome that basically…

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The Thrill Of The Hunt

No matter what type of collector you fancy yourself, inevitably there’s always that one figure that eludes you, and the journey to acquiring it is almost half the fun of actually owning it. For me “The Hunt” is actually what I enjoy most about obtaining certain figures. I’m not one to play with the things that I collect, for the most part once I get a figure it gets placed on a shelf, admired from a distance, and I very rarely ever touch them again…

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