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Digital Movie Poster Display: 2014 Movie Poster Collection

For those of you who have been following my Digital Movie Poster Display project (Part1, Part 2, Part 3), here is a collection of posters from 2014. All of the posters were sourced from IMPAwards (great place to find movie posters!), and had original files that were no smaller than 1,500 pixels on the long side, but most were quite a bit bigger. There are 1,112 posters in this file, all resized to 1920×1080 pixels, and rotated to fit on a standard 16:9 television screen.…

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Digital Movie Poster Display: 2015 Movie Poster Collection

So I’ve recently been revisiting my Digital Movie Poster Display project (Part1, Part 2, Part 3). Some of the posters that I had originally put on there were not of the best quality, and my organization of them made it almost impossible to sort through them all to find the bad ones. So I decided to take time to re-download them all, and make sure that everything is up to par on the quality side. IMPAwards allows you to sort through their poster archive based…

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Digital Movie Poster Display Part 3: A Taste Of Pi

Well you’ve set up your digital poster display using the TV’s slideshow feature, and a USB drive, but have hit the limits of the television’s firmware… it’s time to try a taste of Raspberry Pi! In this article I’ll cover how to use a Raspberry Pi unit to control your digital signage. I normally try to be pretty light-hearted (dare I say funny?) when I write, but there’s a lot of technical information to cover this time around… so if this article seems a bit…

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Digital Movie Poster Display Part 2: Prepping The Images

Alright now that you’ve got your TV mounted to the wall we need to get, and prepare, the images for display. There are literally thousands of places to download images from, and ultimately where you download your posters from is up to you. There are however a few places, and methods, that I can recommend to assist you in you quest for some truly epic wall art. If movie posters are what you desire then IMPAwards is a great resource for just about any movie…

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Digital Movie Poster Display Part 1

Well just because I haven’t been very active lately doesn’t mean that I haven’t been up to nerdy things! My latest project? A digital movie-poster frame for my media room. In this article I’ll go into the basic (simple) setup I started with. In the following articles,  I’ll cover some of the more intricate things I got into with this project; including image sizing and adding Raspberry Pi into the mix to get more control over my display. The idea is simple. So simple in…

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