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HTPC Trivia Slides: Thor (2015)

A set of slides for your Home Theater PC based on the Thor (2015) movie. These were designed to work with the Cinema Vision plugin for Kodi, and/or the Cinema Experience for XBMC, but should work with just about any similar plugin, or HTPC program. The slides are presented in 1920×1080 resolution, and follow the typical _a/_c/_q format where _c is the clue card; if you don’t want clues with your multiple choice questions all you have to do is remove the ones that end…

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Collector Tip: Toy Collection Cataloging Software

A lot of collectors keep a “collection list” to document their collections, rather it be for personal use, insurance purposes, for their families in case of death, or a variety of other reasons. The simple database/spreadsheet setup isn’t something that works for me though; the inability to add pictures is a major inconvenience for my needs. I did some searching around the web, and couldn’t find anything that was designed with toy collectors in mind, let alone being specifically designed for Transformers. I did however…

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