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Freak La Critique: Silicon Valley Season One

Black Friday came and went. Often associated with large crowds, holiday shopping en mass, and generally regarded as something of a spectacle; for Blu Ray collectors it has become something of its own holiday. Along with the various deals to be had on TV’s, toys, and home appliances, one of the staples of these sales has become cheap movies; with DVD’s and Blu Rays starting at $2.00 and up it’s a veritable buffet of movies. I love this day, I look forward to it, and…

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Freak La Critique: Terminator Genisys

When I initially heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was shopping the possibility of a new Terminator movie my heart sank. I took it as a cash grab, as I also heard that he was shopping sequels for Conan The Barbarian, and Twins at the same time also. Even with my doubts I’m a big enough fan of the franchise that I intended to see it in the theater anyway. That was my intention, but with a busy summer schedule that included a family trip to Virginia…

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Freak La Critique: Entourage (The Complete Series)

To kick off our new Movie/Television section, aptly named “Freak La Critique”, I thought I would kick things off with one of my favorite television series. Entourage was an HBO series that ran from 2004 through 2011. Why would I pick something that has been out of production for so long? Simple, despite being one of my favorite shows, I’m surprised how many of my friends haven’t watched it, or even haven’t heard of it… bleedy freakin’ cavemen! And with the recent release of the…

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Freak la Critique

OK, let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely ZERO educational background in cinematography; I have never taken a film class, I know absolutely nothing about what goes into making a movie, and to be honest… I don’t really effing care. What I do know, is what I like; I appreciate a good performance, I love a unique story (if there is such a thing any more), I despise gimmicky-over-the-top-special-effects that do nothing to aid in the telling of the story, and I’m…

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