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Collector Tip: Toy Collection Cataloging Software

A lot of collectors keep a “collection list” to document their collections, rather it be for personal use, insurance purposes, for their families in case of death, or a variety of other reasons. The simple database/spreadsheet setup isn’t something that works for me though; the inability to add pictures is a major inconvenience for my needs. I did some searching around the web, and couldn’t find anything that was designed with toy collectors in mind, let alone being specifically designed for Transformers. I did however…

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Collector Tip: A Tactical Guide To Buying Online

As technology and social media keep expanding, this has become an incredible time to be a Transformers collector! No longer is going to a department store, online retailer, or just the big-name forums your only avenue to pursue and acquire. Collectors and dealers alike are using any and every possible way to make their available goods seen, and the chances of scoring just about anything you need are in favor of the seeker. However, like most things that relate to the general population when combined…

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Collector Tip: Low Cost Risers

Alright, so I’ve covered cheap risers for smaller figures, but to be honest most figures don’t really fall into that category. Smaller figures tend to be kind of a niche thing, or at least a smaller part of a larger collection; very few people collect things like Legends class figures exclusively. So lets talk about something for larger sized figures that you can configure to your needs. As I’ve said, I like to think outside the box when it comes to things to enhance my…

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Collector Tip: Energon Cubes

Lets face it, we’ve all seen those third party Energon Cubes before. They all look nice, but the one draw back is that if you want more than one or two sets it can get to be a bit expensive. So here I am with another Collector Tip that can help you achieve that “professional look” without breaking the proverbial bank. I want to start out by saying that I think a lot of the third party companies have put out some very nice products;…

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Collector Tip: Cheap Tiered Risers

As a collector I know a lot of us spend a lot of time looking for affordable ways to display our collections. As far as shelving goes I can’t recommend the IKEA Detolf enough, but when it comes to risers and things that you would use to give your display a bit of depth once it’s on the shelf it can get a bit tricky… and expensive. For people with smaller collections it is reasonably feasible to just go out an purchase stands and risers…

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