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Transformers Generation 1 Custom “Blackcat”

As a cassette hoarder, I am ALWAYS looking for some new, strange, or wacky variant I haven’t seen before. A dangerous path, and quite costly, I can’t say I recommend it. However, one of the advantages of hunting for that next oddball acquisition is the ability to not only see some of the strangest versions of toys you would never even think to look for – but you also find yourself wandering into the world of custom creations. As hard as it is to obtain…

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The Nerd-Cave Reconfiguration: G1 MiniBot & Cassette Display Case

Well with The Nerd-Cave Reconfiguration almost done, it was time to focus on finding an elegant way to display some of my smaller figures like the G1 Cassettes, and Mini-Bots. Not that these figures wouldn’t fit in the Detolfs I set up for the rest of my figures, but given their size they tend to get “lost” in the display with a bunch of larger figures, so I needed something to properly highlight these little guys. At the initial onset this was a rather daunting…

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From Around YouTube: Masterpiece Soundblaster & Ratbat

I've been anxiously awaiting this Soundblaster repaint since MP Soundwave was announced. Unfortunately I had to cancel my pre-order in favor of some new shelving, so I'm just going to have to enjoy this guy vicariously though video reviews for a couple of weeks until I can place an order for my own.

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Gallery: Transformers Human Alliance Barricade & Frenzy

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