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Greetings, salutations, peace to the nations! It's been a while, and I apologize for not having any updates lately. It seems like I've had a lot going on over the last few weeks, and I just haven't had the time to set down and write anything. So what's been going on? Well quite a lot actually. I'm in the process of another huge collection purge, I've been tracking down some my personal "grails", fleshing out a new category for the site, planning a last-minute trip to BotCon, and... oh yea, I got interviewed by Maz for a recent TFSource article!

IMG_00000090-2Busy, busy, busy! I have a couple of articles written for the Oddities & Commodities, but given the state of confusion that my office is in right now, I've been unable to set aside enough time, and space, to take the required photographs. All in good time though!

For those of you who know me, you know that over the years I've built quite a reputation as a Seeker collector. I've spent quite a few years curating one of the largest collections of Starscreams, and his compatriots, that IMG_20150320_131049I've seen. I've spent years tracking down some of these figures, and spent more money than I care to admit, but that has come to a change. That's right, you read that correctly... the armada is hitting the chopping block! I wrestled with this decision for quite some time, but ultimately I decided that it was time to let them go. I love(d) my collection, but lately I started feeling obligated IMG_20150320_131132to "keep up" so that my collection could be complete. It got to the point where I would literally groan when a new Seeker was announced, and that was when I realized that it was time to start thinking about making a change. As with the other portions of my collection, when it started feeling like an obligation, the joy quickly left. I feel like I've achieved what I set out to do, and it is time to move on. Being about a third of the way through with the clean out process, I feel no regret.

From here on out I plan to strictly stick to my true passion; G1. These are the figures that I loved as a kid, and they are the ones that still have the most IMG_00000140resonance with me as a collector; these are the figures of my childhood. While the modern interpretations of these characters are what initially got me into collecting, I'm much more happy taking my time to acquire these vintage figures. The nice thing about Generation 1 figures is that they are not being produced any more, so there's not that drive to get them all "right now". I can take my time, and get them as I have the motivation and money. While I don't think I would classify myself as a "casual collector", it feels nice to take a more casual approach to my hobby... liberating!

One of the things that this has allowed me to do, is to start acquiring some of the more pricy figures that I always considered to be out of reach. With Black Zarak firmly in hand,G85C6505 I have already used some of the income from my Seeker sell-off to fund some of these other "Holy Grails". Hopefully I will be able to scratch quite a few of these figures off of my list over the next few months. Black Zarak felt like a huge accomplishment, but you know me; it's on to the next figure on the list. Having already worked out a deal for Grand Maximus, this guy will (hopefully) be the next one to receive the proverbial check mark next to his name. Casual? Pfft!

Having given up on modern figures (with the exception of Seekers) quite some time ago I had really lost interest in BotCon, and traveling across the country for some exclusives IMG_20150320_131125that held no interest to me. To be honest, up until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea when or where this years convention was going to be held. But out of general curiosity I decided to look it up... low & behold, it was being held within a few hours drive from me! I toyed with the idea of driving over for at least a day or two, and with some prodding from Swage it turned into aIMG_20150320_131115 full-on trip. As long as everything goes as planned we will both be attending the convention this year, being able to split the cost of the hotel and gas with somebody else made this trip easily affordable. So you can look forward to BotCon coverage on the site for those of you who can't attend, and would still like to know what's going on; as a fledgling site this will be our first attempt at anything like this, so bear with us.

Swage and I have been toying with the idea of adding a new category to the site that focuses on you the readers. We're still fleshing everything out, but the plan is to have a monthly article where we interview other collectors, get some insight about their habits, and feature their collections in what we have affectionately dubbed "Plastique Porn". So yea... you have that to look forward to!

TFSource Collector Interview 35 – Brad B

The interview with TFSource really couldn't have come at a better time. As well as being fun to do, it allowed me some insight as to what the whole interview process IMG_00000259was like. Maz was a pure pleasure to work with, and it gave me the gratification of being able to show off my Seeker collection one last time. From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to think them for the opportunity. As I was approaching a major change in the direction in the way I collect, it gave me the feeling of "going out on top". No matter what we tell ourselves, or others, it is extremely gratifying to receive recognition for the amount of work we put into IMG_20150325_140810our collections, and this will remain a highlight of my collector experience. For those of you who are interested, the link to the interview can be found above. Feel free to click though and give it a read... who knows, maybe we'll get enough traction that they may take note of us, decide to advertise on the site, and this crappy little blog can finally become self-sufficient. One can dream can't they?


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