Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Metrotitan

Well I was supposed to be saving money for BotCon... the key phrase being "supposed to be". There are a few figures that I am always on the look out for, and Metrotitan is right at the top of that list. Unfortunately complete Metrotitans are pretty close to being something of a "myth" in the United States; they do exist, but aside from that absurdly over-priced one that's always on eBay, they very rarely come up for sale (unless I'm broke). I've wanted this figure ever since I learned of its existence; an evil repaint of Metroplex, what's not to love?!

This is my third attempt at getting this guy, and I think I finally got it right. When the people who made the knock off of Generation 1 Metroplex made the announcement that they were going to be releasing a Metrotitan repaint from theMetrotitan_1210625378 mold I was ecstatic, but they severely missed the mark by not bothering to get one in-hand to color match the parts. Although some of the parts appear to be pink in most of the pictures of this figure... they are not. The chest (and accompanying bits) are actually red/dark orange, but the color doesn't actually photograph very well, which causes them to look pink in most of the pictures you find online; and that's where the knock off company got it wrong. This didn't deter me from getting one anyway.

A few years later I was lucky enough to find an incomplete Metrotitan for sale, but he was severely yellowed. My bright idea was to use the accessories from the KO 2012-08-12_21-58-32_593to complete him, and swap out the yellowed bits with parts from the knock off. This worked well as a place-holder, giving me a complete Metrotitan with the correct colored red parts. This scratched the itch a bit, but there were still some issues that caused me to keep looking for an "upgrade". Namely some of the white parts on the knock off were actually supposed to be grey, but the grey bits were too yellowed for me to keep... so I ended up with some white parts that were supposed to be grey.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I was presented with the opportunity to IMG_20150523_142547finally get a version of this figure that would let me scratch him off of my "Hit List". It was a late night, I couldn't sleep, and decided to pass some time on the internet. I did my usual eBay searches out of habit, but I didn't really find anything interesting, so I decided to look IMG_20150523_143145through some listings on Japanese sites. I had no intention of buying anything, it was more out of curiosity, and boredom, but lo and behold... here was what appeared to be a complete, mint in box, Metrotitan! While I make it a point to never discuss price, the "Buy It Now" price was low enough that I could have bought more than one of them (if more had been available), and still have been under the current eBay prices.

At this point I had to make a decision... and fast! I did some quick calculations on IMG_20150523_143902how much money I needed to take to BotCon, how much I thought I could get out of the Frankensteined version I currently had in my display, and decided that there was no way I could pass up this deal! The only issue I had now was figuring out if this one was a knock off or the real deal. Seeing as I can't read Japanese I had to rely IMG_20150523_143538heavily on the provided pictures, and the completely mangled description that Google Translate provided. As I mentioned before, the red bits are the biggest tell, but they don't photograph very well, and tend to look pink in pictures. While to box was right on this figure, the red parts did indeed look pink, and the fact that all of the accessories were still bagged threw up a big red flag for me. I spent several hours looking a pictures of both the official version, and knock off, going over every detail repeatedly.

In the end I decided that it was worth the gamble. The box was right, it included Metrobomb (which the KO didn't), the parts that were supposed to be grey were indeed grey (not white), and the stickers on the shoulder appeared to be paper IMG_20150523_145146instead of plastic like the knock off. At this point I was approaching that delirious state that sets in when your body really just wants to go to sleep; I had long pasted the point where I was ready for bed, but couldn't just forget about this figure until I was satisfied. I sleepily double-checked my math, and hit the "Buy It Now" button. Nothing to do now, but wait.

Normally when "upgrading" a figure I would wait until its replacement would arrive IMG_20151116_131412before getting rid of it to minimize any mishaps, but with the "BotCon Crunch" going on I had to flip my old one pretty quick. I took the gamble, and put him up for sale at what I thought was a fair price... he sold pretty quickly. I probably could have gotten a few more dollars out of him than I did, but I had gotten such a good deal on its replacement that I didn't feel bad about passing some savings on down the line.

Say what you want about international shipping, EMS had this guy in my hands from Tokyo to Ohio in less time than it took my old one to arrive at the buyer's address... THREE FRICKIN' DAYS MAN! I was absolutely giddy when this guy IMG_20151116_131547arrived, the only other figure I had ever been this excited about was Diaclone Starscream (probably due to the amount of time that I had spent finding each of them); opening this package was complete bliss. Once I got a chance to see this figure in hand, it was easy to tell that it was indeed a legitimate figure, and I was blown away by the condition. He was complete, and minty. The box was in immaculate condition, and the styrofoam was so tight I had trouble getting him out.

Transformation is identical to Metroplex, so there weren't any surprises there. The color palate on this guy are absolutely striking, and I couldn't help but to combine him with Grand Maximus to see what they looked like together. Despite one being an Autobot, and the other being a Decepticon, the colors worked rather well together. The robot, and base modes, are exactly what you'd expect, but with more vibrant colors than Metroplex has. This is definitely a "stand out" piece in any collection; not just because of the rarity, but also because of his eye-catching colors.


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