Oddities & Commodities: Transformers Galaxy Shuttle

Well to quickly follow-up my article about Thunder Dagwon, what would be better than taking a look at the original version of that figure with Galaxy Shuttle? Part of my Pre-BotCon Grail Haul, this is a figure that I honestly didn't think I would ever own, and would have been happy with just having the Brave repaint, but the Plastique Gods have smiled on me, and have seen fit to place this guy in my collection.

Released in 1989 as part of the Japanese Victory portion of the Generation 1 IMG_20150430_155242continuity, he was only available in the Japanese market... and Italy for some reason. I have to admit that I was on the fence about purchasing this figure, not that I didn't want it, but it wasn't as high on my priority list as some of the other things I was looking at. To be completely IMG_20150430_160137honest, I didn't even know this figure existed until a couple of years ago, and only had a passing familiarity with it since then. I had kept an eye on eBay since learning of it, just to get an idea of how often it popped up, and what to expect to pay for it... you know, just in case. The prices, and rarity, of this figure had put it in the "unachievable" category for me, and I was content to just window shop for this guy from time to time.

Fast forward to the present, and while I was going through a change in direction in my collecting habits, one happened to show up for a price that I was able to afford. I IMG_20150514_165601thought about it for a couple of weeks, and had all but decided to pass on it in favor of Roadfire, but a conversation with my good friend Brr-icy convinced me to take the plunge. While I was waiting on payment for some items that I had sold, the seller also listed Thunder Dagwon, and I was able to work out a deal for both of them that saved me a little bit of money. I had knocked two more figures off of my "shopping list" in one purchase. Who can complain about that?

The transformation on this guy is pretty straight IMG_20150513_151835forward; flip the wings around, pull the legs down, fold the arms out, and flip the nose cone down so that you can pop the head out. Despite his simplistic design, he is still a rather cool figure. He's a lot larger than I was expecting, and as an added bonus he was engineered to be compatible with Countdown's Rocket Base. I love things like that, and they add a lot to the playability of a figure.

As I noted in my article about Thunder Dagwon, Galaxy Shuttle was engineered to be compatible Countdown's Rocket Base. All you have to do is remove the Rocket IMG_20150514_164744Base's included Rocket, and the thrusters on Galaxy Shuttle are designed to snap right into place where the rocket would normally sit. It's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but added little features like that really impress me. It's very reminiscent of the way the Metroplex mold can "coincidentally" combine with Fortress Maximus in City-Mode to form an even larger base.

The size of this figure is really impressive, I wasn't under the impression that this was going to be a small figure, but once I got it in hand it was a lot larger than I had been expecting. I'm more than happy to add this guy to my display, and since I was able to get Oddities & Commodites: Thunder Dagwon at the same time, I will be placing both of them side-by-side with Countdown, and his Microman repaint. The symmetry of having all four of these guys displayed together pleases The OCD Monster greatly.


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