Oddities & Commodities: Giant Kre-O Starscream Knock Off

Well we all know that I have an affinity for , and an ongoing Seeker obsession, so what would be more fitting for my first actual post in Oddities & Commodities than some giant Seeker ? While these aren't exactly new any more, they are still among some of the newest figures that I've added to my collection.

The time leading up to Xmas is always one of the best times to find things on eBay, because people are always looking to offload stuff T25j4gXxdXXXXXXXXX_!!34431763to help fund their holiday spending. This means that a lot of those "hard to find" figures tend to show up, as well as a huge influx of things that you didn't even know existed. So while browsing eBay I happened to stumble across this big mamma-jamma: a knock off of Kreon that had been upscaled by 800%!

I quickly did some searching to see if there were any other sellers with this big boy (to get the best price), and to see if there were any done up as the other Seeker characters. The good news was that whoever did these knock offs also did and IMG_00000350 (as well as some other characters) in the same scale. This meant that I could at least have a trio of matching Seekers in my collection. The bad news was that there was only one seller who had them for sale. A quick search of completed listings showed me that he was the only seller who had sold any recently, and they were all in auction type listings as well. This isn't normally an issue, but I didn't want to get into a bidding war on three figures that were all ending at just about the same time. My biggest concern was that I would not only overpay for them, but that I wouldn't win all three, and be left with an incomplete set; this would drive the OCD Monster inside of me absolutely effing nuts!

I could tell by the completed listings that the seller had several of these figures available, but was trying to maximize his profits by IMG_00000407only listing one of each character at a time; smart on his part, but not so good for me. I sent a message to see if he had a "Buy It Now" price in mind for all three, but didn't hear anything back. This left me in a bit of a pickle; should I go ahead and get involved in the auctions, or not even bother with them?

Their sheer size made them such a "statement piece" that I was positively frothing at the mouth , but I didn't really want to over pay or be left with an incomlete set... then I had an IMG_00000408epiphany! I had an acquaintance who specialized in collecting such oddities... and he was located in China. So I quickly sent Paul (who runs ActionFigureChecklist) a message with a few pictures from the auction to see if he had access to them. It turns out that he had started another website, SirToys, that specializes in just such sort of thing. It took him a couple of days to track them down, but he was able to secure a set and place them up on his site for me. I quickly made my way over there, added them (and a couple of other neat little oddities) to my cart, and proceeded to checkout.

They took about two weeks to arrive (which is actually pretty decent for shipping from China), and I was not let down by these guys. Despite having seen the measurements in the eBay listing IMG_00000411they were still quite a bit bigger than I was expecting, and the plastic quality was far better than I had anticipated. Even though they were hollow they were cast in a very durable rubbery plastic (the kind that you might find in a toddler's toy). The only exceptions were the Null-Rays that weapons which were made out of a lower quality plastic, and had a rather cheap feel to them. They definitely don't feel like a or quality, but the plastic on the actual figure lends itself nicely to such a large piece by keeping the overall weight down and still maintaining a good quality; you could literally throw one of these figures across the room into a wall and not break it (as long as you take the weapons off first lol).


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