Oddities & Commodities: Brave Goryu

Well I've been hinting at this guy for a little while now. At first the auction was still active, so I didn't want to draw any more attention to it than it already had (What can I say, the Transformers community isn't as large as everyone thinks it is, and I didn't want any extra competition). Then I figured I'd keep the suspense going while I waited for the figure to arrive from the U.K., and it is awesome! This guy was released in Asia, then went to Europe, and ended up in The United States...this thing has seen more of the world than I have LOL.

I don't know why, but I have this strange obsession with Dai Atlas IMG_00000591 (Dai Atrus for you old school collecters). And when I found out that he had been re-colored, and released in the Brave line as Goryu, I became obsessed with adding this obscure repaint to my collection. This also sparked my interest in the other Transformers figures that had been re-released under the Brave banner. I've spent a good four or five years trying to hunt this guy down, now that I finally have him, and I am far from disappointed.

IMG_00000580While quite a few Transformers characters seen their animation models reused during the early days of Brave, only a hand full actually saw any type of toy production. From what I've been able to gather over the years the total number of Transformers toys re-released as Brave figures is only seven, and with the exception of one, they were all Japanese exclusive molds:

I like the colors on the original version of this guy, but for some reason the red and black color scheme seems to really IMG_00000592draw my attention. As a figure I was already familiar with the mold, and transformation scheme, having already had a the C-888 Dai Atlas KO (soon to be replaced with an original) in my possession. Aside from the differences in color, this figure is identical to the Transformers release, and shares all of IMG_20140419_171056its alt modes; Robot, Jet, Drill Tank, and Micro Master Base. The only exception is that the Brave release doesn't include the small handle piece that allows him to hold his ramps as a shield in robot-mode. The orange color of the plastic matches the original, so I may have to track one down for him just to make them match. The plastic quality is on par with other vintage Transformers figures, and despite how my crappy cell phone camera may make him look, he is minty white.

While I like every figure in my collection, this one is going right up there in my Favorites List along with Devil Satan 6, Overlord, and Liokaiser.

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  1. Hey, glad I was able to find this! I just got a MISB Goryu in, finally, and he does indeed come with the handle-piece needed for him to hold the shield. Not sure if yours was sealed when you got it, but that should have been there.


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