Ladies Against Humanity… Another Unofficial Expansion

Well it's no big secret that I've been compulsively obsessed with Cards Against Humanity lately. It's partly been due to my obsessive personality, but mostly it's been a conscious effort on my part to be more social, and become less of a hermited recluse. The game allows me to still obsess over something, satisfying the mythical O.C.D. Monster, and still work on my social skills by interacting with real people, in real life; rather than spending countless hours on the internet, constantly refreshing the screen, while I wait for somebody to reply to some random comment I made on some random forum.

tumblr_n7zxm4YvOe1tprelgo1_400Well my adventures with CAH quickly led to me purchasing every expansion I could get my grubby little hands on, as well as card packs from Crabs Adjust Humidity, and Cards & Punishment; all of which I really like. I've also been through many fan-made expansions; some of which were really good, some of which only had a few cards that would work for a group of people who aren't "hard-core" fans of whatever their inspiration was.

tumblr_n82ex0uCVN1tprelgo1_400One thing that I've noticed during my so-called "game nights" is that many of the cards available for the game tend to me very male oriented. I'm a dude, and it really doesn't bother me that much, but there are a few women that have become part of my little group of "horrible people". Enter Ladies Against Humanity, a very female oriented set of cards. I'd been vaguely aware of the blog where the author publishes random cards for people to have printed off, but had never taken the time to really look for a full card list to make cards from... until now.

While looking though some CAH sites, and forums, I stumbled across a lint to tumblr_n83q37P3A51tprelgo1_400someone on PrinterStudio who had uploaded a full set of Ladies Against Humanity cards. Rather it contains everything from the LAH site, or is just a "best of" set, but it seems to be full of potential laughs. Even though they are mostly written from a female point of view, some of the best lulz are sure to come from when the cards are forced to cross the gender line; like when a male player is forced to play or read a card that is obviously from a woman's perspective.

Ladies Against Humanity Cards

If you like me, and have been gobbling up everything CAH related that you can get your hands on, this is definitely something that you should be checking out. The link to the set that somebody uploaded to PrinterStudio is right above this paragraph, check it out, and let me know how well they worked in your games; I'm genuinely excited to add these bad puppies to my collection.


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