HTPC Trivia Slides: Incredible Hulk (2008)

A set of slides for your Home Theater PC based on the Incredible Hulk (2008) movie. These were designed to work with the Cinema Vision plugin for Kodi, and/or the Cinema Experience for XBMC, but should work with just about any similar plugin, or HTPC program.

The slides are presented in 1920x1080 resolution, and follow the typical _a/_c/_q format where _c is the clue card; if you don't want clues with your multiple choice questions all you have to do is remove the ones that end in _c.

For more trivia slides please see our Downloads Section.

3 thoughts on “HTPC Trivia Slides: Incredible Hulk (2008)”

    1. I have to admit that a lot of these were done late at night, and I wasn’t always the most “awake” while working on them. I will go through them and do a spell check when I get time (remember this is just a hobby for me, not an actual “job”), but if you find any errors feel free to post the card numbers (either here or in the thread on the CV site) so I can make note of them.


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