The Fruits of Hard Labor

So I wrote earlier about selling off my Seeker collection... it was a hard decision to come to, but overall I don't regret it at all. It's taken me close to two months to get as far as I have, and I still have a long way to go, but so far I've been able to fund almost all of my so-called "Holy Grails".

I started this sale off with a rather long list of figures that I wanted to get, and had the intention of saving all of the money for the dealer room at BotCon, but a lot of IMG_20150504_143438good deals on these figures showed up, and I couldn't pass them up in hopes of finding them at the convention. Brr-Icy, Puma, and Artfire2000 were a huge help in assisting me in acquiring some of these figures, so I'd like to thank them for the help; you guys are great, and a credit to the collecting community!

This latest binge will fuel the Odditities & Commoditites section for quite some IMG_20150404_094740time, and that's not to mention the stuff that I will still be on the lookout for at BotCon. I have a very specific list of figures that I will be trying to hunt down over the rest of the year, and I hope that the convention will provide me with access to a couple of these rare figures.

So what did I get for my efforts, and non-stop adventures on eBay and private dealings? Well, not to sound boisterous, but it's nothing short of spectacular. These are figures that I honestly never thought I would have the possibility to own... ever. So I can't help but be extremely excited about these latest purchases, and in turn, want to show them off a little bit. I guess you can consider this a preview of sorts, for some articles to come, so stay tuned to see more in-depth looks at these guys.

I've already mentioned the first two, but I'm more than happy to mention them again. The first thing I was able to knock off my "hit list" was Black Zarak, the notoriously hard IMG_20150411_115322to find re-paint of G1 Sorponok. Quickly followed by Grand Maximus. Both of these figures were incomplete, but I've been looking for a couple of project-bots to take my time to work on, and complete, so these guys were a great option to do this with. I think the hardest parts to find for these guys are going to be the small gun for FastTrack, and the Pretender Shell for Grand Max. Normally I wouldn't purchase high-end figures like this if they weren't complete, but the price tags on complete versions of these guys are a bit more than I'm willing to shell out all in one crack, so they are perfect candidates to be long-term projects.

IMG_20150430_154955For those of you who have been reading for a while, my obsession with obscure repaints is probably something that you're already familiar with, so these next two should come as no surprise. I only needed two more Brave figures to complete my collection of Transformers molds that were used in that line... and I got them! IMG_20150504_144602Thunder Dagwon, and Hiryu, were the last two on the list, and they are now firmly in my possession. I was pretty excited to be able to check these two off, and am looking forward to being able to write more in-depth articles about them now. While it might not sound like a big deal to many of you, to be able to complete a check-list of any sorts is something that a lot of collectors strive for, and is definitely a memorable achievement.

And what good would finishing off a check-list of Brave figures be without getting their Transformers counterparts? IMG_20150504_144243That's right, I was also able to snag both Sonic Bomber and Galaxy Shuttle too. To be honest I was a bit on the fence about getting Galaxy Shuttle at first, he was a bit lower on my list than some of the other figures I wanted, but these things show up so rarely I'm glad that I decided to get him while I had the chance. I can't complain about the price either, I've seen incomplete versions of this guy go for more than I ended up paying for this one. Not to mention, the seller also had IMG_20150430_155242Thunder Dagwon, and a head for my Grand Max, so I was able to bundle things together to get (what I thought was) a good deal. Sonic Bomber was a no-brainer for me, the price was right, and I've been wanting to get him to put with Dai Atlas (and eventually Roadfire) to form Big Powered for a long time.

IMG_20150504_144944With Red Geist already in my collection, I still needed his Transformers counterpart to display next to him. I'd been eyeballing some incomplete Deathsaurus' on eBay for a while, but again, I hate to purchase figures like this that aren't complete because the parts can be expensive, and IMG_20150504_145144would have spent more completing him than it would have cost to just buy him outright. I kind of broke this rule, but not in a major way. This guy was complete with both Breast Masters, and shield. The only piece that was missing was his gun, and I see these pop up for sale enough, that I'm pretty confident that I can snag one for a reasonable price in a short period of time.

For years I've had my trusty complete C-888 Dai Atlas knock off standing on my shelf as a stand in. The last item I was able to get in this haul was an official Dai IMG_20150504_144000Atlas body. The figure is in pretty rough condition, and nowhere near complete, but I'm pretty sure I can use my knock off to breathe some life back into this guy. While it'll be a bit of a "bastard" figure, I plan on using the parts from my KO to replace the yellowed bits, and missing accessories. I was ale to do this with a pretty rough Metrotitan figure, and it has worked out well for me, so I'm hoping to repeat the success I've had with this guy. This will make a good (I hope) article on restoration if nothing else.

Well that's a brief update on what's been going on, and a bit of a preview of some of the things to come on the site. With that said, stay tuned, and may The Hunt treat you well.

2 thoughts on “The Fruits of Hard Labor”

  1. Hey, do you know of any good sites besides Ebay to purchase Brave figures? I have been looking for both Hiryu and Goryu for months and have found next to nothing.

    1. eBay is probably going to be your best bet, but if you belong to any forums it would be worth keeping an eye on the “Buy/Sell/Trade” sections. I spent a couple of years looking for Goryu, and even more trying to find Hiryu. Goryu shows up on eBay once or twice a year, but you have to have the money ready for when he does. I’ve never seen Hiryu for sale on eBay (or any forums), I just happened to get lucky and find one for sale in Japan. I’m pretty sure I overpaid for it, but I was tired of constantly searching for one. Wish I could have been more help, but other than the few figures that used Transformers molds, I really don’t know a lot about Brave toys.


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