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OK, let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely ZERO educational background in cinematography; I have never taken a film class, I know absolutely nothing about what goes into making a movie, and to be honest... I don't really effing care. What I do know, is what I like; I appreciate a good performance, I love a unique story (if there is such a thing any more), I despise gimmicky-over-the-top-special-effects that do nothing to aid in the telling of the story, and I'm extremely opinionated.

So what qualifies me to spout off at the mouth about movies & television like my opinion is evenly remotely relevant? Simple, I pay $12.00 a year to own my own domain... and I'm extremely opinionated.

When I started this site I had the intention of trying to encompass all the aspects of my nerdyness. I didn't want to fall into the same pattern that I did when I was running Fallen Empire Toys; I didn't want to just simply do toy reviews. There are other aspects of my life, other things that interest me; I am more than just a toy collector, and I'm sure that most you are too. I collect BluRays, I enjoy photography, and a variety of other different things. I tend to bounce around between my hobbies, from toys, to photography, to movies, to anything else that can hold the attention my ADHD ridden brain for more than a few minutes.

Right now my focus has been primarily on my BluRay library. With all the great deals that Amazon has been having on their box sets lately, it's been almost impossible to pass on any of them. I've been adding a lot of older catalog titles to the collection, and revisiting some of them for the first time in years. It's been a fun couple of months so far, and with Black Friday coming up there's sure to be a lot more titles added in the near future; Black Friday is like its own un-official holiday for movie collectors!

So it is with great joy that I announce the launch of our new Plastique Freak Cinematic Universe... drum roll please... Freak le Critique! Where we will taking about Movies & Television in general, as well a specific DVD & BluRay releases. (Well to be honest we probably won't be talking about many DVD releases, it just sounds better when phrased that way; it's almost 2016, who the hell's still buying DVD's anyway?)

We're a cord-cutter family, we haven't had cable in well over six years (or more). In fact it's been so long since we've cut the cord that my daughter doesn't quite comprehend the concept of "changing the channel" or "commercials" when we visit family members who still have it; it all seems foreign to her. We have a Home Theater PC, we buy a lot of movies (we re-watch a lot of movies), and the first thing I do with a new BluRay when I bring it home is to toss it into the BR Drive, copy it over to the HTPC, and add it to our digital-library. Once it's copied over to our computer, the disc gets put away, and never needs to be touched again. For those of you without a frame of reference, my home theater computer pretty much acts as on giant "on demand channel" containing my entire media library (I'll get into that in more detail some other time though), and for the times when we just want to brows through movies/shows that we don't own there's always Netflix. Cord cut, instant movie critic born!

If you're interested in what I've been watching I have my entire BluRay collection cataloged here: Th0r4z1n3's BluRay Collection

If you're interested in my photography, that's something that my wife and I do together, and our Photo Blog can be found here: Brad & Amanda's Photos

2 thoughts on “Freak la Critique”

  1. Nice job with adding this new section to your website! That’s one of the reasons why I like your site so much….there’s always so much material to pull from.

    Also, I think I said this already, but in case I didn’t, thanks for adding my title banner to your “Friends From around the Web” section. It’s greatly appreciated!

    Keep on collecting!

    1. Thanks! I’ve really been looking for a way to “round out” the site a bit. This way when I’m more into one of my other hobbies I don’t get pulled away from the site, and it ends up setting dormant for months on end until I get back on a Transformers kick.

      I don’t know if I feel authoritative enough about some of my other hobbies to write about them, but I’m pretty vocal about film/television with my friends, and they seem to respect my opinions, so I thought I’d give it a try. We’ll see how it works out I guess lol.


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