Ferengi Rules Against Humanity

As most of you already know, I have a bit of an addictive personality; I tend to go way overboard with just about anything that I do, and (as you may have guessed) my latest addiction is Cards Against Humanity. After playing the PnP (Print and Play) version of the game a couple of times I couldn't help myself, and splurged on a nice printed set from the folks at CAH; buying the Base set, Bigger Blacker Box, Expansions 1-4, both Christmas sets, and the 90's expansion pack.

After doing a bit of digging, I found that almost all of these sets had Rules 003revisions/version numbers, in which some cards were rotated out and replaced with other cards for various reasons. This sent my OCD into overdrive, and me off on a mission looking for a complete list of cards so that I could see exactly which ones I was missing (yes, the completionist mentality seems to carry over from Transformers to just about anything else I do now too lol). I quickly found a very good list from Pileot on BoardGameGeeks that I was able to use as checklist... as well as some custom sets that other people had made; this set me on complete overload (and my cards hadn't even arrived yet).

One of the most obvious themes for a pack that immediately jumped to mind were the Ferengi "Rules of Acquisition" PAX 2013 31from the Star Trek universe. I had seen a couple of posts on various websites saying that they would make perfect "Black Cards", but had not found more than a few that people had made into game cards. With all the nerdy friends that I have I thought this would be a great hit, so set out to find a full list of the Ferengi "Rules of Acquisition". With the huge fanbase that Star Trek has, it wasn't hard to find; thank goodness, because I really didn't want to take the time to watch every episode of the various Star Trek series' and write them all down one by one.

With the help of a couple of fan-made websites I was able to quickly compile a list of all the documented Rules of Acquisition, and work them into a format that would work for the game. I tried my best to stick to the "noun/gerund" format of the game, so this required that a couple of them be slightly reworded, but only in the sense that the "blanks" needed to be able to accommodate a noun or an ing-word phrase.

After making the list, I needed to find a way to match the aesthetic of the official Rules 008cards, without spending a butt-ton of time in PhotoShop manually creating each one. This turned out to be easier than I thought it was going to be. MyWastedLife has a great card generator that allows you to plug-in the text you want, and with the click of a button it will output a .zip file full of .png's of the cards you wanted. AWESOME!

I didn't take the time to make up any Star Trek themed white submit_yyqqhl5ulgg_0cards, but I've found that the "Rules Against Humanity" cards (as I've dubbed them) play rather well with the standard white cards that come with official decks. When I get some more extra time I'll see if I can come up with some Star Trek themed white cards, but for now these will just have to do. I've also got an inclining to do a set of cards geared towards the Transformers fandom, so if this kind of thing interests you feel free to let me know.

The next thing I needed to do was find a way to print these cards out in a similar quality, and size, as the official cards. After a bit of research I found that PrinterStudio offers the ability to print off custom cards in the same size (63mm x Rules 01188mm), and similar finish, as the official Cards Against Humanity sets. The only difference is that the CAH cards are printed with a smooth finish on the backs (300gsm), and linen finish on the front (310gsm). PrinterStudio, however, doesn't offer the ability split the finishes on the front and backs of their cards, so you have to choose between having either a smooth or linen finish on both sides. Both options are fine, but from what I've read the linen finish seems to be preferred among the various fandom sites. Total price depends on how many cards you have printed off; the smallest option (up to 54 custom cards) is only $7.99 (smooth finish)/$8.79 (linen finish), and the largest package (up to 234 custom cards) is only $20.74 (smooth finish)/$21.54 (linen finish) with various card count packages in between. More great news, right!?

Ferengi "Rules Against Humanity"

Rather than typing all 110 of them out again, and making you run them through a card generator, I figured it would be easier all around to just put a download link for all the cards. This way you can sort through the ones you like, head over to PrinterStudio, upload the files, and print them off yourself. Enjoy!

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    1. Man I wish I would have known that before I placed my order last week…. guess I’ll just have to print some more cards out before the code expires. 🙂


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