Digital Movie Poster Display: 2015 Movie Poster Collection

So I've recently been revisiting my Digital Movie Poster Display project (Part1, Part 2, Part 3). Some of the posters that I had originally put on there were not of the best quality, and my organization of them made it almost impossible to sort through them all to find the bad ones. So I decided to take time to re-download them all, and make sure that everything is up to par on the quality side.

IMPAwards allows you to sort through their poster archive based on year, so I patently took the time to go through every poster released in 2015, and download all of them... well all of them that were at least 1,500 pixels on the long side. Most of the posters I found were quite a bit larger than that, but 1,500 was my cut-off point to make sure that the picture quality remained relatively crisp. I then re-sized, and rotated them to fit my screens (covered in Part 2). Once I realized how long it took to do this whole process, I figured it might not be a bad idea to share these files with everyone else. There are 1,189 posters in this file, all resized to 1920x1080 pixels, and rotated to fit on a standard 16:9 television screen. I also kept the same naming convention that IMPA uses so that they would be easier to sort through in the future, the random function on the Raspberry Pi is sufficient enough to shuffle them.

2015 Movie Poster Collection (1 of 3) (1109 downloads)
2015 Movie Poster Collection (2 of 3) (1147 downloads)
2015 Movie Poster Collection (3 of 3) (1163 downloads)

All images, characters, and names are the properties of their respective owners. All images are provided for promotional use only.

7 thoughts on “Digital Movie Poster Display: 2015 Movie Poster Collection”

    1. Yes you can definitely just use a USB drive and skip the third step with the Raspberry Pi. The only issue you will have with that is that you may have to pick and choose which posters you want to display, as the TV/USB combo will eventually hit a barrier with how many .jpg files the TV’s firmware will recognize (this can vary depending on the manufacturer/model of the TV).

      TV/USB is a great/easy way to do it though, and should work rather well for most people… I just tend to go overboard when I do things, and well surpassed the capabilities of my TV before I ever even got it set up lol.

  1. Posters are awesome but seem to be A-N alphabetically only?

    I tried today with a tv at best buy with memory stick…it read ur jpegs great !

    very impressive on 1080p on a 40″.

    what is a “normal” poster dimension wise version a tv?

    1. I just checked the .zip file, it does indeed contain files alphabetically from A-Z. One thing you may try is plugging it into a PC to see if all the files are there, the download may have gotten interrupted and you may have only gotten half of the file. I just gave the download link a try and it timed out about half way through, and I had to resume it; the full file size for the .zip should be 341MB.

      You may have also ran into the limitations of the firmware on the TV. As I mentioned in one of the articles, the TV I originally tested on only recognized the first 200-ish files and ignored the rest.

      The normal dimensions for the posters can vary a bit, but they generally fall into the 4:3 aspect ratio, verses the 16:9 ratio of a modern TV. It’s pretty much the same thing you run into when watching an old TV show on a new TV; you either stretch the image to fit or end up with “black bars” on the side.

    1. Apparently the file is a bit too large for my crappy hosting service to send out all at once, I’m going to break it down to 2-3 parts so everybody can have an easier time at getting them.

      I know FireFox has a resume button for if a download is interrupted, I’m not sure what browser you’re using but I’m sure there’s got to be a similar feature in them if you’re in an absolute hurry.

  2. Hi first timer here. Not a coder at all. Eexcellent project. for some reason I am running into issues.
    sudo mkdir -p /home/pi/frame/posters

    What am I missing?

    Dying to get this up and live!


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