Collector Tip: Low Cost Risers

Alright, so I've covered cheap risers for smaller figures, but to be honest most figures don't really fall into that category. Smaller figures tend to be kind of a niche thing, or at least a smaller part of a larger collection; very few people collect things like Legends class figures exclusively. So lets talk about something for larger sized figures that you can configure to your needs.

As I've said, I like to think outside the box when it comes to things to enhance my IMG_00000059display. I tend to look for things that are affordable, and readily available because when you have a large collection it can cost a fortune to buy enough risers for all your figures.

On another trip to the Dollar Tree I happened to run across these nifty little things. These normal everyday drawer organizers don't IMG_00000392look like much, and I'd seen them thousands of times before without giving them a second thought, but one day I had one of my quasi-epic epiphanies and realized that I could turn them over and they would become a perfect thing to add a little height to some of the figures I had in the "back row" of my shelves. I grabbed a couple (maybe five or six), and took them home to see how well they would work.

Coming from a discount store the quality on them wasn't bad, they were a bit wobbly, but with a bit of twisting they leveled right out. IMG_00000394On top of having a nice machined look that complimented my plastic robits rather well, they also weighed practically nothing. At the time I had glass shelves hanging on the walls, and weight was a bit concern of mine; I didn't want hundreds of figures to come crashing to the floor because the weight on the shelves was just too much for my track shelving to handle.

As I played around with them for a bit trying to figure out exactly IMG_00000404what I could do with them, and realized that these had the added bonus of being stackable to achieve even more height. They weren't very stable when stacked on top of each other, but then I had another! I happened to have some small zip-ties in my stash of "tools" IMG_00000403so I figured it was worth a try. With a bit of coercion I was able to fit the end of the zip-ties through the gaps in the mesh to hold them together, and had the added effect of making them a bit more stable too. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities; I could stack these like Lego blocks and zip-tie them together for stability!

I was able to achieve a variety of different configurations IMG_00000397depending on what figures I needed to display. They also easily accommodated Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader class figures with no problem at all... as well as my Masterpiece Seekers (which was a very pleasant surprise).

I'd used those plastic drawer organizes from Wal-Mart before, but IMG_00000398because they were designed to stack inside of each other to take up less shelf space at they store, they were hard to achieve any type of real height with. These however lend themselves very nicely to the concept, and at only a dollar a piece they were super affordable.

The only real drawback to these is that the Dollar Tree only seems to IMG_00000405stock them over the summer months, making them a bit of a commodity during the winter months (which is when I spend the most time in my office). Once I recognized the stocking pattern though, it was easy enough to stop in and grab a case of them for twelve bucks from time to time during the summer and slowly get enough to redo my entire display with them (where needed).

Hopefully this little tid bit will help some of you while out on your quest to perfect your collections and displays... peace out trout!


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