Collector Tip: Energon Cubes

Lets face it, we've all seen those third party Energon Cubes before. They all look nice, but the one draw back is that if you want more than one or two sets it can get to be a bit expensive. So here I am with another Collector Tip that can help you achieve that "professional look" without breaking the proverbial bank.

I want to start out by saying that I think a lot of the third party companies have put out some very nice products; aesthetically pleasing, well built, and reasonably IMG_00000386affordable (for what they are). The problem that I ran into (and I'm sure that a lot of others have too) is that when you have a rather large collection it may take quite a few of these sets to spread around your display to properly accent your figures. I've always been of the mindset that if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right, and lets face it if you have a collection of several hundred (or even thousand) figures; three Energon Cubes sitting on a shelf with all those figures is going to look rather ridiculous.

Through a series of discussions on a couple of forums I came across these; the 17042purple Amac Box from The Container Store. Almost perfectly cubed, they measure 1x1x3/4 of an inch, and the translucent plastic lends itself almost flawlessly to the "Energon" look. They stack easily, and uniformly, if you want to create the stacked Energon Cubes from the old G1 Cartoon. They also scale well with most lines; I IMG_00000383particularly like to put them with my Generation 1 figures, Classics (when I had them), and if you didn't get the version of Masterpiece Soundwave that came with the Energon Cube add-ons... Frenzy and Rumble hold them quite nicely.

At 49 cents a piece these are one heck of a deal. On-line shipping pretty much demands that you order quite a few of them at a time IMG_00000227to make sure you get the most for your buck. If you're lucky enough to have a Container Store near you it'd be worth the time to stop in and take a look at them in person. Savagely deceiving, these are one of my favorite finds when it comes to accessories for my display, and always prompt questions when people see pictures of them.

One a side note, I've also seen people use the larger clear Amac boxes to mimic the clear box that used to appear around Mirage before he would turn invisible in the old G1 Cartoon.


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