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Cords Against Harmony “Trivia Pack” For Kodi

I started working on these quite some time ago as a way to promote my crappy little half-assed expansions for Cards Against Humanity, but they got put on the back burner, and I never got around to publishing them. For those of you who are familiar with add-ons for Kodi such as Cinema Vision, the slides play as such; the black card plays as the question, the clue reveals two white cards, and the answer slide shows four white cards.

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Kodi Cinema Vision X-Men Trivia Packs

Here’s a little something for the Nerd Cave if you’re using Kodi (formerly XBMC) with the Cinema Experience Cinema Vision add-on to run your Home Theater Computer. For those of you who don’t know what the Cinema Experience Cinema Vision add-on does, quite simply, it allows you to recreate the actual cinema experience by playing trivia slides, trailers, and public services announcements before the movie starts, just like when you go to the theater. When Mrs. Th0r and I go out to the movies, one…

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Collector Tip: Toy Collection Cataloging Software

A lot of collectors keep a “collection list” to document their collections, rather it be for personal use, insurance purposes, for their families in case of death, or a variety of other reasons. The simple database/spreadsheet setup isn’t something that works for me though; the inability to add pictures is a major inconvenience for my needs. I did some searching around the web, and couldn’t find anything that was designed with toy collectors in mind, let alone being specifically designed for Transformers. I did however…

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Digital Movie Poster Display Part 2: Prepping The Images

Alright now that you’ve got your TV mounted to the wall we need to get, and prepare, the images for display. There are literally thousands of places to download images from, and ultimately where you download your posters from is up to you. There are however a few places, and methods, that I can recommend to assist you in you quest for some truly epic wall art. If movie posters are what you desire then IMPAwards is a great resource for just about any movie…

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The Nerd-Cave Reconfiguration: Backdrop It Like It’s Hot

With the construction of my cabinets done, it was time to start sprucing them up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with just plain ‘ol Detolfs, but I wanted to do something above and beyond the norm to really set my collection off. During my initial planning I had intended on putting a mirrored finish on the backs of my snazzy new Detolfs by applying mirrored window tint to them. I’d seen it done in a couple people’s collections, and had really liked the way it…

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