Cards Against Trekkies (A Crappy Fan Made Add-On)

"CAH, the final frontier. This is a party game designed for horrible people. It's continuing mission: to explore strange new words, to seek out new humor and new bastardizations, to boldly say what no one has said before."

Trek 111It seems that the Ferengi Rules Against Humanity cards I made were a huge success, and I had several people ask if I had plans to do any other Star Trek themed cards. Well... I did, and here they are. I took some time, worked out some (hopefully) funny phrases for the game, and put together my very own crappy little expansion Star Trek expansion for Cards Against Humanity: 90 White Cards, 19 Black Cards, and a few blanks (just in case you need them).

Cords Against Trekkies

There's not a whole lot to say about this set, except that I'm sure Gene Roddinberry probably Trek 020didn't have this in mind when he first penned his ideas down. I'm sorry Gene, but the Trekual innuendos must commence.

As always the files are free for all to use, and I hope you all enjoy them. I appreciate any and all feedback, and welcome your comments. I'd also like to thank TheHYPO for letting me bounce ideas off of him, and for also submitting a few of his own; "Thanks a heap man!"

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