BotCon 2015: My Little Shopping Spree

Well the day finally came... it was time to pack up my stuff, and start making the long drive to Chicago for BotCon this year. I was excited to say the least, this was the first convention I was able to attend since 2010 when BotCon was held in Orlando. Orlando was fun, but since it was my first convention, it was a bit overwhelming. This time I had a better idea of what to expect. It was still a chaotic experience, but at least I wasn't just treading water to stay afloat this time.

I love panels, and getting to hear the guest speakers talk about their experiences IMG_20150619_131009within the franchise, but for me BotCon is all about the dealer room. I attended a couple of panels, but once the dealer room was open, it was game over for me. Friday was great because I got a chance to get the lay of the land, but Saturday was when I really dug in and started buying stuff... and stuff is what this blog is all about.

There were several figures that caught my eye on the first day, including some of the rarest figures I've ever been able to see in person. To be able to see Grandus, Overlord, Guard City, Battle Gaia, Dai Atlas, Dinoking, and a slew of other incredibly rare figures all in the same place for sale was simply awe-inspiring.

I had my sights set on getting a new Overlord to replace the one I sold last year. There are only a few figures that I've sold, and regretted afterwords, and Overlord is at the top of that list. Literally the second booth I went to had a loose/complete Overlord just sitting there. The price was incredibly good, but being the second booth I went to, I didn't want to blow a huge portion of my budget within the first ten minutes of being there. I told him I wanted to think about it, and would probably be back. I walked away, and after thinking about it for all of ten minutes, I made my way back. As I approached the table he was literally making a deal for it with somebody else... nobody to blame but myself for missing out on this guy. I skulked around the dealer room the rest of the day pissed off at myself, but I still managed to pick up a few things to appease the Plastique Gods. I couldn't be too mad, I was able to get Roadfire to complete my Big Powered set after all.

IMG_20150620_142732IMG_20150620_142833I was able to grab a couple reissues from the Hartman's booth, some MicroMaster reissues from another table, and couple of other things from MegaToyFan. When it was all said and done, Friday netted me a nice little haul.

Friday's Haul

  • G1 Roadfire
  • Reissue Red Alert
  • Reissue Hoist
  • Reissue Skidz
  • Reissue Stepper
  • Encore Green Ratchet
  • Encore Black Ironhide
  • White Japanese Headmaster KO's
  • Clear Japanese Headmaster KO's
  • RID Desert Camo Ruination
  • Universe Constructicon MicroMasters
  • Reissue Sixbuilder
  • Reissue Sixturbo
  • eHobby Ditritus
  • eHobby Overcharge
  • Victory Leo Guns & Missile
  • G1 Whirl
  • G1 Blitzwing
  • G1 Galvatron
  • G1 Black Shadow KO

IMG_20150620_190729IMG_20150620_224913Saturday hit with a vengeance, and while I didn't get as many figures as I did the previous day, I still ended up dropping quite a bit. The guy that I had gotten the MicroMasters from had some really good prices, and I couldn't help myself, I ended up going back to look at the "Chase" versions he had of the MicroMaster combiners. Now & Then Toys also hooked me up with some more eHobby figures, and I got an insane deal on Monstructor from a guy hanging out at the hotel bar of all places.

Saturday's Haul

  • eHobby Gold Jazz
  • eHobby Chrome Bluestreak
  • eHobby Red Tracks
  • Clear Hot Rod
  • Black Hot Rod
  • Red Sixtrain
  • White Sixwing
  • Black Sixturbo
  • Monstructor

IMG_20150622_012952By Sunday I was pretty well tapped out, but still managed to pick up a few items. The guy with the MicroMasters had Valkyrie figure that I had been eyeing, and Swage hooked it up with some reissues.

Sunday's Haul

  • Reissue God Ginrai
  • Reissue Smokescren
  • Cobalt Sentry 2 Pack
  • Browning KO
  • VF-1A Valkyrie

IMG_20150615_161223_zps7d3c9734I also did a bit of pre-gaming at an antique store on Tuesday before the convention, and was able to pick up a few items at a reasonable price.

Pre-Game Haul

  • G1 Hot Rod
  • G1 Getaway
  • G1 Trailbreaker
  • Combat Mecha Xabungle KO

When it was all said and done I was able to stay on budget, and thanks to the stuff I was able to sell at the parts parties, I was even able to grab a couple of things I'd been eyeing on TFW before the convention.


  • All four Rescue Force Figures
  • God Neptune
  • Sky Garry
  • Grandus

Needless to say I won't be buying anything any time soon, but it was a good week to be a Transformers collector, and I was able to scratch quite a few figures off of my list even if I didn't get as many vintage figures as I had intended. Does it seem like I'm bragging a little bit? Well yea, what's the point of having such an epic haul if you can't share it. Did I spend more than your average attendee? Probably, but I worked hard for several months to bankroll this trip, and I don't regret it one bit. Not to mention, I've got plenty of things to write about on the site... this crap should cover enough articles, and galleries, to easily finish out the rest of the year lol.

2 thoughts on “BotCon 2015: My Little Shopping Spree”

    1. Thanks, it wasn’t my intention but whatta ya do? lol

      My intention was to get one or two figures, and knock a couple of grails off the list, but after dropping the ball on Overlord I just decided to snag up a bunch of stuff I had been eyeballing over the years.

      Good luck at TFCon! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your haul. 🙂


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