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Transformers Roundtable 1

  As I’ve slowly crawled my way back onto social media, I’ve kept a pretty low profile. Currently only utilizing Instagram and Twitter (along with my tfw2005 account) I have kept it simple, and as “toys only” as possible. Between the politically-charged spurts, and mentions of real-life struggles and triumphs, it’s easy to become distanced from how I’ve gotten to know, or would get to know, many online collectors – and this is my answer for that. The Roundtable experiment begins, and it’s gotten an…

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Well, I certainly have waited long enough to dive back into this subject. Filled with the liveliest of flesh-coated, yet humanity-barren beings that await around every bend of the digital world and in every aisle filled with childhood characters ready for capitalist consumption. Toy collecting motherfuckers can shift from either side of the scale in a moment’s short lifespan, and I’m certainly no exception. So let’s break this down, and get to the most important motherfucker that matters in your collecting journey. You, motherfucker!! (Well,…

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Review: Custranz “Sunburst” Custom Transformers G1 Sticker Set

With constant updates for current releases by and a new competitor in the sticker market showing up in the form of Ocean’s Designs – the seemingly lost army (is “army” too much?) of G1 cassette collectors can find new hope in the journey to advance their collection! Today, I’ll be showing off new stickers from Custranz that allow you to add an original new variant to your cassetticon squad. While essentially a perfect match for a white KO Laserbeak, these are designed to fit…

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Megatoycast: EP 002 Transforming Politics With Brave

***Episode Title “Transforming Politics w/ Brave” Welcome our special guest Brave Toy Reviews for this episode, as we talk about: Perfect Effect Leonidas Masterpiece Transformers getting rebooted Hasbro UK Survey reactions Be sure to find us AND our friends online! MegaToyCast: Brave Toy Reviews: SHATTERED CAST UNCUT: (Oscar’s HILARIOUS videos) – REALM OF COLLECTORS – ENTER THE REALM:

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MegaToyCast: Botcon 2015 Panel

Here is our special "live panel" episode, recorded live at Botcon 2015 on June 21st!

Take a look into our under-the-radar Sunday panel that wrapped up the weekend, as we bring Susan Blu and John Moschitta on the stage for one last go-round with fans.

Special thanks:

Susan Blue
John Moschitta
Pete Sinclair
Red Swordfish Studios
The entire FunPub/Botcon staff team and volunteers
All of the Botcon attendees

Recording provided by:
Red Swordfish Studios

Pt. 1 – “Those” Toy Collecting Motherfuckers

Have you met any of these motherfuckers? Have you met any I have forgotten to mention? I have spared a few for the time being – but do not fear, every motherfucker shall be accounted for. There are no limits to the hate that flows within me, and I shall keep steady in my duty to call each of you fucks out that lurk in the world of collecting and toy shows…But for now, in my return to the crazy interwebshits blogging world, behold what…

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Transformers Generation 1 Custom “Blackcat”

As a cassette hoarder, I am ALWAYS looking for some new, strange, or wacky variant I haven’t seen before. A dangerous path, and quite costly, I can’t say I recommend it. However, one of the advantages of hunting for that next oddball acquisition is the ability to not only see some of the strangest versions of toys you would never even think to look for – but you also find yourself wandering into the world of custom creations. As hard as it is to obtain…

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Collector Tip: A Tactical Guide To Buying Online

As technology and social media keep expanding, this has become an incredible time to be a Transformers collector! No longer is going to a department store, online retailer, or just the big-name forums your only avenue to pursue and acquire. Collectors and dealers alike are using any and every possible way to make their available goods seen, and the chances of scoring just about anything you need are in favor of the seeker. However, like most things that relate to the general population when combined…

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From Hoarder to Hobbyist

So, you’re staring at your shelves of robotic amigos. Or maybe your neatly stacked rows of boxes containing your plastic (and if you’re lucky, die-cast) army. Whatever, this is all theoretical so just go with it. As your eyes gloss over a little and you inventory all of your amazing finds, maybe you want a little more out of this? I did, but I had no idea what I was going to do to alleviate the anxiety of amassing an army of awesome that basically…

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