Fantastic Four Movie Trivia Slides For Kodi

This sets of slides are based on The Fantastic Four (2005), The Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and The Fantastic 4 (2015) movies by Marvel. The slides follow the typical _a/_c/_q format where _c is the clue card, so if you don’t want clues with your multiple choice questions, all you have to do is remove the ones that end in _c.

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Avengers Movie Trivia Slides For Kodi

Another post, another set of trivia slides; I think I’ve found my newest obsession. There’s not a whole lot to say here, I just thought I would put these up to share with anybody who might also be interested in them. This sets of slides are based on The Avenger’s (2012), and The Avengers: Age of Ultron movies by Marvel. The slides follow the typical _a/_c/_q format where _c is the clue card, so if you don’t want clues with your multiple choice questions, all…

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Cinema Vision Slides Based On The Thor Movies

For those of you who are using the Cinema Vision add on for Kodi, or its predecessor Cinema Experience on XBMC, here are some slide sets for each of the Thor movies by Marvel. There are roughly 30 multiple choice slides for each movie, and about 20 trivia slide each as well. I’ve also included blank cards for each format of slide, just in case you would like to add your own cards to the deck. As always I follow the a/answer, c/clue, q/question format…

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Iron Man Movie Trivia Slides For Kodi

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this now. After a small stumbling block with the Captain America slides (issues have been fixed by the way), I started working my way through the Iron Man films. Each set of slides includes a folder for “Fun Facts”, “Multiple Choice Questions”, and Blank Cards in case you wold like to make your own. The multiple choice cards each have 3 files per question; “_q” are the questions, “_c” are clue cards, and “_a” are the…

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Incredible Hulk & Captain America Trivia Slides For Kodi

For those of you who are using these, you already know what they are. As I continue working my way through the various Marvel movies, I’ve finally finished the slides for The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. ¬†(Corrected spelling errors) (Corrected spelling errors) After seeing what some of the guys over at CinemaVision were offering up, I decided to up my game a little bit. I’ve included both Trivia, and Question slides in each of these, as well…

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Spider-Man Trivia Slides For Kodi/XBMC

Well after publishing my first set of trivia slides for the X-Men films, I was informed that the Cinema Experience add-on has been abandoned. Fortunately the guys over at Cinema Vision have taken up the torch, and created an new add-on for Kodi that replaces it. The Cinema Vision add-on also includes a lot of functionality that it’s predecessor didn’t have, and that I didn’t realize I needed, but now that I have them I don’t know how I ever got along without them (see…

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Cords Against Harmony “Trivia Pack” For Kodi

I started working on these quite some time ago as a way to promote my crappy little half-assed expansions for Cards Against Humanity, but they got put on the back burner, and I never got around to publishing them. For those of you who are familiar with add-ons for Kodi such as Cinema Vision, the slides play as such; the black card plays as the question, the clue reveals two white cards, and the answer slide shows four white cards.

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Kodi Cinema Vision X-Men Trivia Packs

Here’s a little something for the Nerd Cave if you’re using Kodi (formerly XBMC) with the Cinema Experience Cinema Vision add-on to run your Home Theater Computer. For those of you who don’t know what the Cinema Experience Cinema Vision add-on does, quite simply, it allows you to recreate the actual cinema experience by playing trivia slides, trailers, and public services announcements before the movie starts, just like when you go to the theater. When Mrs. Th0r and I go out to the movies, one…

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Freak La Critique: Silicon Valley Season One

Black Friday came and went. Often associated with large crowds, holiday shopping en mass, and generally regarded as something of a spectacle; for Blu Ray collectors it has become something of its own holiday. Along with the various deals to be had on TV’s, toys, and home appliances, one of the staples of these sales has become cheap movies; with DVD’s and Blu Rays starting at $2.00 and up it’s a veritable buffet of movies. I love this day, I look forward to it, and…

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terminator genisys 2

Freak La Critique: Terminator Genisys

When I initially heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was shopping the possibility of a new Terminator movie my heart sank. I took it as a cash grab, as I also heard that he was shopping sequels for Conan The Barbarian, and Twins at the same time also. Even with my doubts I’m a big enough fan of the franchise that I intended to see it in the theater anyway. That was my intention, but with a busy summer schedule that included a family trip to Virginia…

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